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Thursday, 30 July 2009

Local Headlines "Who beamed up museum banner?"

AN ADVERTISING hoarding for a sci-fi exhibition at Torquay Museum has vanished into thin air.

Head-scratching staff are even thinking their 'Alien Invasion' banner may have been swiped by visitors from outer space.

"There is no other explanation because our CCTV cameras run continuously — and there is no sign of the thing being taken," said bemused marketing manager Carl Smith.

Police have been notified of the crime which happened at the bottom end of Babbacombe Road some time between 10am and 1pm on Saturday.

"We have been through the CCTV at least half-a-dozen times, but we still can't find the time when it was taken. The cameras run continuously," explained Carl.

He added, with tongue in cheek: "Maybe it's been beamed up by aliens. You never know. It's one line of inquiry."

The banner, valued at £150, is four metres long and a metre deep.

Carl noticed the hoarding had disappeared when he turned up at the museum at 1pm. The CCTV shows the banner flapping in the breeze just three hours before.

"We put it up a few weeks ago. It was tied outside the museum with six strong plastic cables. It must have taken a very sharp knife or pair of scissors to cut the thing off," he said.

He added: "Our Alien Invasion exhibition is not what you would automatically associate with a museum which we believe should be vibrant and up-to-date, showcasing contemporary popular culture as well as artifacts from ancient civilisations."

He said Alien Invasion was proving to be 'amazingly popular'.

"We have received double our usual visitor numbers since the exhibition opened four weeks ago. It showcases props and costumes from some of the best sci-fi movies ever made," he said.

The exhibition features an array of Star Wars characters, Darth Vader and a Stormtrooper among them, together with many Dr Who props, including two Daleks and a Tardis.

There is also a full-scale Alien from the Hollywood blockbuster of the same name starring Sigourney Weaver, along with an Alien egg and the creepy Facehugger which injected the alien into John Hurt's stomach.

Other head-turners are a full-sized Robocop, an alien host from X-Files, Mars Attack Martians and Marvin the Martian.

Carl said: "We would really like our Alien Invasion banner back — whether it's been abducted by aliens or sci-fi fans."

Police confirmed they are investigating the theft.

A spokesman said: "Presumably someone has cut the fixings and made off with it. We would appreciate any information from people in the area who may have seen this happening — or who knows of someone who has such a hoarding in their possession."

Police can be contacted on 08452 777444. Callers can also use the confidential Crimestoppers number of 0800 555111.

Artical Taken From : Herald Express


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