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Friday, 18 September 2009

The fate of Starlight-the deer!

I have a rather sad tale to tell!

During our last monthly Dartmoor walk, we came across the remains of an animal, at the time unidentified. The remains consisted of a long piece of windpipe caught on a barbwire fence, a pool of dried blood, and,upon closer inspection, what turned out to be the stomach of the deceased animal on the other side of the fence in the trees.

We contemplated our find for a short while, trying to determine what it had once been and where the rest of it might be..........a search in the area revealed no further remains. This kept us perplexed for the rest of our walk and in fact up until a few days ago, when I chanced upon a possible answer.

I happened to be out walking in the Scoriton area, not far from the scene of our find, when I felt compelled to look at the village notice board, near to which I had parked my car. The first thing that caught my eye was a photo of a deer attached to a handwritten note which read:

"Starlight has gone walkabout from the deer park on Scoriton Down. Anyone with any information as to her whereabouts please contact the number below."

Scoriton Down is just the other side of the brook that runs through the woods where we made our discovery...........I didn't have the heart to ring the number and tell them about the possible grisly fate that had befallen poor Starlight!


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