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Friday, 18 September 2009

Poltimore House Heritage Open Day

Poltimore House can be found in Exeter. It is an atmospheric old building badly in need of a bit of fact it nearly got it big time from a certain BBC programme of that very name a few years ago now. Sadly it didn't win, but fortunately plans to give it a new lease of life continue apace, thanks to its ever increasing band of friends.
Last weekend it opened its doors as part of the National Heritage Days events. I'd been wanting to visit for some time now, my interest being piqued by reports of it being haunted, and I was not disappointed!
At present only the downstairs areas are safe for public access, and these serve to give the visitor a taste of how the house once looked, which only goes to make one wonder how it got into this sorry state in the first place!
The most interesting part for me was going into the inner outer courtyard which is now inside! Due to the roof of metal sheeting that has been erected over it to preserve the remains from further damage by the elements. To me this now gives it the feel of being on some sort of film set for an historical drama, as you gaze up at the surviving Tudor gables and tower with the "roof" above!
And yes the place is haunted! I saw and heard enough to make me want to return at a later date, and the next chance for that is the next Open Day on Sunday 18th October.
I would highly recommend this for a visit..........whilst there, take a stroll round the grounds as well-take a look at the recently discovered pet cemetery, indulge in a cream tea in the chapel, oh and by the way, watch out for the bats!


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