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Friday, 11 September 2009

An evening of Ska and weird stuff with Too Hot!

Had an interesting evening..........apart from a lot of dancing that is!

The Ska night was at the Spinning Wheel on Paignton seafront. It's only a small place so quite intimate on the dance floor! So intimate that you can't help over hearing peoples conversations!

As I went in there were a few people at the bar chatting about what sounded like "spooky" stuff! They clocked my Ghostbusters T-shirt (that I just happened to be wearing!) and were a bit freaked out by the coincidence of it all!

I was toying with the idea of introducing myself when I overheard another conversation at a table near the dance area.........more spooky stuff! This time I couldn't resist and I offered them one of my cards. Then came the coincidences for me......turns out one of the women sitting there lives in Penny's Cottage in Torquay! Well haunted apparantly and recently repaired after being gutted by a fire. One of the other women who took a card was only the lead singer of the band!

I don't know if this will come to anything, but as they took cards, they might just get in touch and perhaps attend a meeting. That's when I got my idea of a charity Ska night........


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