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Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Totnes Ghost Walks

Wow! Test worked ok so here we go! No stopping me now! LOL

Last night I helped my mates Bob & Mark with the ghost walks that they run weekly on Tuesday nights throughout the Summer season. Yesterdays was kind of special as it was for the Totnes Festival that runs this week.

Whilst Bob guided the main walk, Mark and I lay in wait at various points en route to add a few thrills to the proceedings..........unintentionally I nearly gave a poor woman a heart attack as she walked her dog through the churchyard opposite the Guildhall. Her dog seemed pleased to see me but I don't think she was!

I won't spoil the event for those who couldn't attend last night by revealing what exactly Mark & I got up to...........suffice to say I see you before you see me!!!!

The plan is to do the "special" again during Halloween week, on the Tuesday before actually, when hopefully more readers can attend.

Thanks to those members of TIP who did manage to get there last know who you are!


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